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A little over three months ago, someone caught wind that the all-star cheerleading music rules were changing. It was speculated that music would need to be 100% custom or licenses would need to be purchased in order to be a part of a cheer mix. People were less than thrilled about the news considering that music is so culturally important to the cheerleading industry.

USA Cheer has finally released official information and guidelines for music. You can access all the information here.

Long story short: copyright laws are extremely complicated. Here’s our cliff notes version of what to expect from the new rules.

Important details of the release: 

    • Music is acceptable when recordings are completely original and if music is not original it requires explicit licenses
    • Cover recordings of popular music as long as explicit licenses are obtained are okay 
    • Unlicensed samples may not be used without proper licenses
    • When you buy music from anywhere such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Soundcloud, etc. the store only gives you permission to use the music in a personal setting. If you’re using music at camps, competitions, or other events, it requires a different license.
    • Teams may use a single song in their routine if they make no alterations to it other than timing alterations such as cutting out a chorus or the bridge. You may not add sound effects, alter the pace, etc. 

USA Cheer has also created a list of preferred providers, although it seems as if there are ways around using this list. They will update it as more vendors are added.

This is a very general guideline of the new music rules. Please refer to USA Cheer’s Music Information page and read through all their information.

The USASF has also announced that they will hold webinars to discuss the new music rules. You can find them by timezone below:

USASF Worlds 2016 – Powersports Cheer Big Dippers

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